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Today, 'fitness' is a buzz word used offhand on too many occasions...
At OZ-360, we want to put what is most important at the centre, YOU. You don't need a gym, machines or heavy material to practice effective training... You can do it at home or outside, utilizing the natural environment and built environment to get the most from your body. 

Get the right balance between exercising, fresh air, and enjoying the life with yummy healthy food and in a familiar atmosphere... you will see and feel the difference in few weeks only.
Join us and feel good!

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Benjamin Hill

Your Personal Trainer


He has been surfing and practicing sports his all life from a very young age. At six he began dividing his time between swimming and rugby union at which he competed in top open grade sides. Among other sports he quickly added cross fit to his daily life post university.

The office soon became paramount to his life in the endeavour to maintain lifestyle however after eight years his longing for the outdoor ways finally took precedence and he traded his 7-5 office job to pursue a more physically demanding job as a commercial diver.

As he had always maintained surfing and fitness for surfing at the core of his life it was a natural progression into the personal training realm.  

At the age of 44 Ben has had his fair share of injuries and as such is aware of many of the rigors of everyday life in particular that of office workers. He is an ambassador of proper technique and form to not only improve general and specific fitness for boardsports but to also improve your quality of life. 

'This is how OZ-360 was born... I believe that each person is unique. You need to decide first what you want to achieve and WHY you want to achieve it...  I will work on a training program customised for those needs. I will endeavour to HELP YOU TO GET THERE WITH AN ADEQUATE PROGRAM AND TECHNIQUE TO REACH THOSE GOALS.'